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Additional Needs

Working together

Over the years we have developed the Rights of the Child, to ensure a safe, happy environment for your child, which includes opportunities to discuss any development concerns you may have, however big or small. We use Individual Programmes as working documents for development concerns which have either been identified by you, the nursery or an outside professional. These matters are raised and explored in a sensitive manner, ensuring you and your child receive the support needed. Help is given to source outside agencies and regular meetings are arranged with you, the nursery and outside community to ensure regular, updated information is passed on.

“The nursery manager had been very effective in creating strong links with external agencies, particularly for children requiring additional support for their learning. This development was a priority for the nursery and, commendably, the manager had achieved significant improvements in liaison arrangements. As a result, access to support agencies for children and families was more effective and happened more quickly”.

Hazel Dewart
HM Inspectorate of Education


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