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Frequently Asked Questions

This section has been designed to help with frequently asked questions and answers. Updated Sept 26th 2012 with the help of the Parent Council.

I work full time and feel excluded from my child’s life at Nursery there

Find out from the ‘Snack Chart’ exactly what your child had to eat to-day. Check from the Display Door in the Parent Zone to see what the Focus Area is. Follow the ‘Activities at Home Sheet’ and see how you can contribute to the current Topic. Ask a member of staff how you can become involved in your child’s play, through our ‘Parents as Partner’s Programme.’

I may not like my childs Key Worker or one of the Staff

Consider why you dislike this person. Is it perhaps what she is saying that you are not happy with? Sometimes staff try to share concerns about a child and this can be misinterpreted. If there is a genuine clash of personality, then arrange an appointment with the Management and explain how you feel.

What should I do if I have a Serious Complaint?

Most Nurseries outline their complaints procedures in their Policies. Pick up a Parents Appointment Sheet from the Parent Zone, outlining your concerns. Approach the Management for a private discussion. If you do not wish to talk to the staff, contact the Care Commission with whom the Nursery is registered, a contact number should be displayed on the Notice Board. Your comments will always be treated in confidence.

Working with your Nursery

Your child will benefit much more from Nursery if you get to know the staff and work with them. A good nursery should keep you informed of what your child is doing and encourage an easy two way flow of information.

What should I expect before my child starts Nursery?

You may be invited along for a pre-visit. Write questions down beforehand and explain any likes/dislikes/allergies your child may have. Listen carefully to explanations about Nursery routines.

What should I expect on my child’s first visit to Nursery?

It is usual to begin with a short visit. You will be shown round the Nursery. Find out about toilet/cloakroom/and snack/lunch routines so that you can talk about these at home with your child and help dispel any anxieties he/she may have.

Can I find out what my child does at Nursery?

Nurseries should provide information in the form of link charts, newsletters, photographs and displays. Make sure you take time to read those and look out for information from the Notice Board.

What is my role as a parent?

You can be involved as much or as little as you choose. Being involved with the parent council gives you a voice and keep you up to date with current issues. Some parents just want to know about the simple things such as 'where do I hang my child's coat'? 'Am I supposed to check my child's tray every session'? These questions are all valid and a member of staff should explain these steps on your first session. If you still feel unsure or confused please remember to ask, we operate an open door policy at all times.


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