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Parents As Partners

We welcome parents to visit the centre at any time and staff are available at the beginning and end of sessions to talk about any concerns or interests. Parent Interviews are offered twice per year to discuss your child's learning and any other issues on a more formal basis.
Parents are actively encouraged to engage with the nursery. We have a parents as partners policy which allows us to share special dates with you, where you are welcome to join in as much as you want.
We have robust procedures in place to ensure a smooth transition from home to nursery. We value your unique knowledge of your children and hope to build on their experiences from home as they begin their learning with us.
We actively seek ways of bringing your home into the nursery, this can be effectively achieved through simple methods such as family banners, questionnaires, photographs of your child at home and the use of Peter Boo our friendly resident Bear.

“Staff knew the children and their families well. They had adopted a very open and supportive approach to them which fostered an environment where participation was an integral part of the families' experience of nursery.”

Doreen Watson
(Care Commission Officer)

Article for Learning Teaching Scotland

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